young girl doing kegels

Different Ways in Which the Kegel Exercises Can Improve Your Sex Life

If you are a woman with an active sexual life, you might have heard about the kegels. One of the benefits of kegel is that it helps in the prevention of the bladder leaks. The exercise was developed by a doctor in the 1040’s to help the women who had issues with holding their urine.

Women who have tried this exercise have not only prevented the bladder leaks but have had improved sexual intercourse. The kegel exercise is also recommended to a woman preparing for childbirth. This read looks at some of how the kegel exercises help in developing the sex life of women.

Improves Ability to Reach Orgasms

woman exercising with trainerMany women never experience orgasm even for those who get good sex. This is because hitting the G-spot can be difficult. It has been established that only 25 percent of the women continuously reach orgasms during sexual intercourse. This is quite a low bearing in mind the number of women who consistently have sex.

Kegel exercise will help in strengthening the pelvic floor which can enhance the chances of the women reaching climax. The kegels will help in tightening the pubococcygeal muscles which typically contracts during sexual intercourse. The more toned these muscles are, the more likely will they be used for orgasms. Women who have tried this have reported to receiving multiple orgasms.

Improves Blood Circulation

The kegel exercises will help in improving the circulation of blood, especially in the genital area. The kegels will help in strengthening and toning of the muscles around the genital area. This means that when you undertake this type of exercise, you will improve the blood that flows in the vaginal area. The same thing that happens to women undergoing their menstrual cycle is the exact thing that happens to women who undertake the kegel exercises.

Many women who were disinterested in sex have all of the sudden developed sex as a result of the kegels. One of the reasons why some women do not enjoy sex is because of the weak pelvic floor.  With the weak pelvic floor, it means that the area around the vaginal open lack sensitivity during stimulation. Kegels will strengthen the pelvic floor which means that the areas around the genital will have the sensitivity that is required.

Boosts Sexual Confidence

confident lady posing Kegels also help in improving sexual confidence. Just like the other types of exercise, the Kegels help the women are confident with their bodies which are likely to be translated in the other areas like sexual intercourse.

Women who are more toned and feel tighter get sexually aroused quickly than those who are not. Such women are usually happier, more confident, and calmer, unlike the other women who do not do the kegels.